“One must build for the human being, that he might rediscover in the architectural construction the joys of self-fulfillment in a whole that extends and completes him. Even the furnishings should lose their individuality by blending in with the architectural ensemble.” – Eileen Gray

For Villa E-1027, Eileen Gray designed not only the interiors, but the entire building, including some of the furniture. Built between 1926 and 1929 as a vacation home for the designer and her family, a great deal of thought and care was put into both the function and appearance of every aspect this avant-garde modernist gem.

After Gray left the house, Le Corbusier took up residence, and without her permission, vandalized many of the walls with his own murals. After his death, the site remained in disrepair for many years, but has recently undergone restoration.

Photos by Manuel Bougot